35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: single cord around neck. any harmful for baby?

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Answer: Pregnant women worry about the umbilical cord getting wrapped around the baby’s neck, however, the condition does not cause problem in the babies. The cord around the neck does not restrict the oxygen supply in the baby because they get the oxygen from the cord but not the trachea. Don't worry dear it's not harmful to your baby.
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Question: Umbilical cord around neck. Is any harmful for my baby.
Answer: If you go check section, nothing problem to your baby. Normal delivery risk
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Question: What Happens if single cord will be around the neck... Is it harmful to baby
Answer: there is no harm if there is single loose loop around the neck.
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Question: single loop cord around baby neck..is there any problem
Answer: A nuchal cord is the official term for when a baby has his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck during pregnancy or delivery. ... But, thankfully, it turns out that most nuchal cords aren't dangerous at all.
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