33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Since yesterday I am feeling pain on the right side of lower abdomen? Can this be symptom of labour pain? I am not feeling comfortable while walking, it's putting pressure on my right side.what to do?

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Answer: It may be due to baby dropping and it's common in last few weeks
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Question: I am trying to conceive and now I am having brown spotting before 2 days of my period date with cramping and lower abdominal pain and back pain too. Can anyone tell me if this is period or something else.
Answer: May be it's periods or implantation bleeding check out your symptoms and be relaxed don't take stress it effects your pregnancy, take proper care and rest and just wait and watch if its periods you may feel haviness in lower abdominal and legs cramps also
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Question: Running in 6th month, I have one query. While doing motion sometime it cause pressure on tummy to pass the motion. Will this pressure can affect the baby?
Answer: Hello, Try not to give pressure. Yes, it does affect your pregnancy. You may get premature baby. Please don't put pressure. If you have constipation please take dry grapes. If it is not working then try taking soaked dry grapes along with soaked hot water. Try having oranges, fiber helps for easy motion.
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Question: Hii I m 4.month pregnant. I feel light pain in lower right side of Tommy. Is this any problem??? I worry about that.
Answer: There is nothing to worry with light pain, if the ain increase do consult ua doctor
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