39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: since morning i saw blood spotting twice but no pain at all..what should i do??

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Answer: Hi dear it could be happening due to cervix stretching or may be due to uttari expansion. Which happens in last days but do inform the same to ur doctor for the safe hand.
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Question: Hi doctor since morning water is leaking but i have no pain?? What to do ??
Answer: Hi dear, if your water already breaks then it's important to consult your doctor as soon as possible because excess water loss can cause suffocation for your baby. Take absolute rest to avoid more water loss. Hope it helps.
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Question: Today morning i seen blood spotting....plz help me...what should i do now....
Answer: Hi, You need to report this to your doctor immediately so that conditions like low lying placenta, hematoma can be ruled out.Doctor may even prescribe progestron tablets/ injections.
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Question: A have no abetiet at all what should i do
Answer: Hi dear loss of appetite during pregnancy is very common. Don't try to eat a large amount of food together, eat small portions of food after 1 or 2 hour intervals. If you like cold food then take milkshake ,smoothies,fruit juices in your diet. Take a bowl of fruits yoghurt or a handful of nuts. All the small small portions of food will give you your are needed nutrition. Drink plenty amount of water ,don't worry.
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