28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Since few days I am having swelling in right leg toe nd suddenly pus came out nd now doctor suggested me to have augmenting 625 for 5 day. Is it safe??

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Answer: Hello! Yes, you can have it only since it is prescribed by the doctor. Doctor will give you the dosage only which is safe during pregnancy.
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Question: Hello doctor.. im 14 weeks now. I have severe dust allergy. When i checked with doctor she told i have sinus and throat infection. So she suggested augmentin 625 mg for one week. Is it safe to have antibiotic now ?
Answer: Hi dear Some antibiotics are safe during pregnancy...and doctors know it and they ll prescribe accordingly...augmentin is safe during pregnancy but do take only the prescribed quantity and not more
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Question: I am having severe pain in my right leg since 4-5 days. Should I be worried
Answer: Hi dear pain in legs is common during pregnancy sometimes it can happen due to not suppression maybe that is why your leg is paining it can also happen due to weight gain weight is your body weight is borne by your legs also hence I would suggest you to please where comfortable pair of shoes avoid standing for long hours and whenever you said you can lift your feet up soaking your legs in warm water for some time will also help you .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Doctor have given me augmentin 625 nd chymoral forte tablet for clog milk duct is it safe
Answer: hi dear! yes dear its absolutely safe for you to use augmentin and chymoral forte tablets. but you should take them as described by the doctor. and dear always remember never to start or to stop any medication with out consulting the doctor. . take care! i hope this information was useful to you .
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