25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Since 3 days my tummy its hurting. Especially my lower stomach. And also i feel very tight.

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Answer: It is normal.do u feel baby movements.if yes then it's normal
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Question: Hi everyone i sm now 27 week pregnant and now a days i feel very gas problem also stomach fullness,its too much hurting me.pls suggest me.
Answer: Hi! Its common dear your increasing belly and uterus pushes the intestine and it works slow hence these problems. Keep something to eat besides bed while sleeping at night. First thing in the morning instead of getting up(sitting) put something in mouth and chew properly for a minute or so (lying on bed itself) and then get up and sit ..it helps a lot in settling down acidity and gastritis. *Cold milk without sugar.. 2 3 sips after every hour, vanilla icecream. *I had major acidity during pregnancy. Dont have spicy food, have small frequent meals, and Chilled milk in small sips, eat saunf after meals help alot, avoid canned juices, have coconut water, chewing gum can give temporary relief, you should have dinner early at least 1.5-2 hours before sleep can drink a glass of cold milk before sleeping.. Good luck!
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Question: Am getting vaginal pain since two days its very hurting
Answer: Because your delivery date is near.your vaginal is started ready for your delivery
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Question: My baby head is low and my stomach lower part is very tight and i feel uncomfortable and motion also gng please tel me is near delivery time
Answer: Hi Dear! Once baby falls in birth canal thr r few changes that takes place, and tightening of stomach, discharge etc. are common and also loose motion during 9th month is common and said to have your due date near. You can follow some home remedies to get relief: You can have 3-4 teaspoon honey in water mix and drink it everyday. Ginger root tea, it helps soothe the stomach. Blend half teaspoon lemon juice, galf teaspoon ginger powder and crush few pepper, add quarter teaspoon to the mix and have. Please remember, it will only help to balance the waterloss during pregnancy but will not cure any under lying illness. Hope this helps!
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