26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Simple water soda is safe in 7month??

Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Soda is aerated drinks such are cool drinks. This can irritate your system and throat. Gas in it is not safe for babies growth. Once a month or twice is OK but not recommended on regular basis. Opt for natural replacements like fruit juices, coconut water, butter milk etc.You can have normal lemon juice. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, recipes and more they help us a lot. Take care
Answer: Hello dear Drink as much water as u can in pregnancy but avoid taking too much soda in pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear, soda is not advisable in pregency, better to avoid.
Answer: Safe. Panner soda is good for health
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Question: Is lime soda safe in pregnancy?
Answer: Hello Dear Yes, it is safe to include lime soda in moderation in your diet. Taking anything in moderate levels is safe for both the mother and child. It is better to use freshly squeezed lemon juice rather than canned or stale one. Drinking lime soda while pregnant is safe when these beverages are consumed in moderation. If you take them occasionally and in limited quantities, then lime soda should not affect the growing fetus. Over consumption of lime soda can lead to fast detoxification, which is unsafe during pregnancy. Moderation is always the key but is it important to check with your gynecologist before you decide to include it in your diet.
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Question: Eating soda is safe in idli wada
Answer: Hllo dear u r 30 weeks pregnant dear u can add sods in idli nd vara its safe dear but take it in limited quantity .because excess soda can make acidity or heartburn to u .so dear add only 1 pinch .try it
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Question: soda in pregnancy is safe like eno
Answer: Eno is nothing but mixing of all chemicals.It would be better take any natural drink like lemon water which would give you relief from problem to you.Try to avoid such foods during pregnancy.
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