10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Should I go empty bladder for level 1 ultrasound and double marker test

3 Answers
Answer: Hello dear.. no, during pregnancy you need not have to slip meals before scan,need to take lot of liquid,and should not use restrooms for half n hour before sonography
Answer: But drink plenty of water because ur bladder should be full of water for ultrasound
Answer: No you can take your meal
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Question: For double marker test should i go empty stomach
Answer: Not like that u can have meal but mrng test is benefit for identification
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Question: Should we go with empty stomach or after having lunch for double marker test??
Answer: No need to go in empty stomach.. make sure u give the test on the same day of your scan..
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Question: For NT SCAN n double marker test one can eat and go for scanning or should be empty stomach??
Answer: Dear all scans in pregnancy is done with full stomach you dont have to stay empty stomach just a full bladder is needed so drink lots and lots of liquid...
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Question: Should i go on empty stomach for triple marker test?
Answer: No need to go for test on empty stomach, it is a blood test to diagnose if any genetic abnormalities in baby If you more doubt regarding empty stomach issue consult your gynaecologist
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