2 months old baby

Question: Should I feed baby as per demand or I have to set a time table with 2 to 3hrly feeding

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Answer: Hey, if baby needs before 2-3 hours ,then go for it. Otherwise u can follow with the gap. In short it should be as per demand.. And baby should not be kept Hungary and left unfed for more than 3 hours.
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Question: How long should I feed at a time is 5 mints per feeding enough
Answer: Hii plz feed for atleast 15 mins in a single time as it required to feed baby properly. Breastfeed contains fore and Hindi milk.fore is the starting feed and hind is the end feeding so both are required to be taken by. Baby to grow.
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Question: how should be feeding time table for a 6 month baby
Answer: if baby taking solid food twice take some time after solid food baby has to digest n breast feeding is the prime source for baby watch the baby intake n output
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Question: Should i feed my baby on demand or on a schedule?
Answer: You should feed on a schedule because they can't demand by their own
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