4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: should I eat spicy food. actually I can't eat less spicy food.. but during DIS tym should I avoid?

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Answer: You can eat anything you want during pregnancy, but you need to keep following points in mind- 1) Prefer preparing at home, or choose restaurants whose hygiene can be trusted. 2) Avoid roadside food. Too spicy food can give you digestive issues so try to eat in moderation. 3) Raw and undercooked food should be strictly avoided. (In veg and non veg both) 4) Make sure you choice ingredients which can up the nutritional value of your dish. e.g while preparing pasta you can load it with lots of vegetables or meat as per your preference. 5) Avoid processed and packaged food altogether. 6) Limit your portion size. Eat at every 2hours.
Answer: U should definitely avoid spicy food during pregnancy.,as it might produce heat in the body..which is not good..u can have once in a a while that to rarely..but try to avoid in first 3 months .. as its a crucial n developing stage for u n ur baby.
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Question: Mohini hi actually my son did not eat so what should I give him to eat spicy food hello
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to give following to your child..explain the child, try to make him understand, experiment with his choices.. At least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day... Meals based on potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or other starchy carbohydrates.  dairy or dairy alternatives (such as soya drinks and yogurts). Choose lower-fat and lower-sugar options.Some beans and pulses, eggs, meat and other protein. Aim for two portions of fish every week one of which should be oily, such as salmon or mackerel.Unsaturated oils and spreads can be eaten in small amounts. Plenty of fluids , including milk..skip the non vegetarian part if you are a vegetarian.
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Question: Can i eat less spicy or normal food now??
Answer: Hi dear. yes of course dear you can eat everything you want to eat . just keep in mind that your daily food should have enough of nutritional food fruits vegetables because your body have gone through a lot during delivery so it is very important for your body to take nutritious food in order to heal better them and also you must be breastfeeding a your child so nutritious food should be there in your diet. but it really doesn't mean that you can't eat spicy food yes you can but it should not be too Spice it should be normal
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Question: Can I eat spicy food during pregnancy??
Answer: Spicy food and pregnancy can go togehter while pregnant. It is ok to eat spicy foods while pregnant if you canstomach it. While the spices do not necessarily harm your child, they couldaffect the expectant mother and bring about digestive problems and heartburns.
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