Few days old baby

Question: Should I buy breast pump? Is it really useful? My baby takes hours to feed. I really feel tired. So planning to pump milk out n feed through bottle. Can I do this

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Answer: Your baby s still small one, ma baby was also taking more time, after that he took less time for feeding,, change the feeding position if you get tired,,n feed by urself, it helps baby to get a good shape of chin when it sucks by mouth,, if Ur working at that time u can have breast pump
Answer: tnsn mt lo aap
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Question: I've low breast milk even im taking lactone capsule . Is breast pump will increase breast milk supply? Is it safe n useful to buy?
Answer: Hello, The the capsule you are taking will surely increase yourbreast milk but it's important to spend more skin to skin time with your baby. it will automatically stimulate your hormones and make milk for your baby and as you are asking about breast pump , yes I personally use breast pump it's completely helpful. here are few tips that can help you increase breastmilk; Cumin seeds (Jeera): Cumin seeds improves breastmilk. You can have jeera by adding in curries or you can drink jeera water also. Fenugreek Seeds (Methi): Fenugreek seeds are used to increase milk supply in lactating mothers. This can be consumed by adding in curries. Be careful while having it as it has mild diuretic effect, too much consumption will end up in frequent urination. Fennel Seeds (Saunf): It is believed that fennel seeds are used to increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. It can be consumed by eating raw or adding in curries, parathas and salads. Black sesame seeds (Til): Black sesame seeds are believed to increase milk supply in mothers. It is great source of calcium. Green vegetables, oats , basil all helps increasing breast milk . Take proper rest: Load or stress affects your breast milk supply. Find some time for yourself to take rest from the busy schedule of baby caring.
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