6 months old baby

Question: she is frequently crying from last 2 days after she fell from cot and stomach pain milk of magnesia and colicaid tonics aŕe also given still she is crying what should I do to stop from crying

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Question: Hi.. my baby is suffering with constipation and gases dr. Given colicaid syrup from last 2 days iam giving that surp too but still nothing happened what to do she is having too much pain in her stomach she is not even allowing to touch her stomach please answer me what to do...and this is happening with my baby
Answer: My baby boy also suffer with this, my paediatrician also recommended colic aid syrup 5-6 drop 15 min before feed along with that apply hing and water paste around naval area in circular motion and also give some tummy time to your baby for 10 min. 3 times daily. All these working for my son. Now he is fine. And you also make sure to avoid gassy food.
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Question: My baby is 1 month old and she is continuously crying 1-2 hours and what can I do for stop crying and I am also used colicaid drops but sometimes she never stops crying please suggest me
Answer: Take him to a quiet place and lay him on his back Lay him across your lap and gently rub his back. Try infant massage Try to put on a soothing music. When the pressure of trying to calm your crying baby gets to be too much, leave him with a sitter, family member as u also need to calm down first. If all these not working u can give pedicalm but first consult the pediatrician for this
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Question: Hi my baby is 6 month old yesterday given him 6 month vaccination. But he is doing potty frequently. What should I do to stop. He is also crying seems suffering from pain in stomach
Answer: Hi dear, Post vaccination loose motion is rare but very normal.usually post rota virus vaccine babies do get loose motions.but donot worry, continue to breastfeed and keep him well hydrated.consult your doctor if he can be given econorm probiotics.
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