7 years old baby

Question: She doesn't like vegetables and fruit

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Answer: hello dear all babies do drama to eat fruits and veggie. if baby do not like fruits give her fruit juice. make veggie cutlets and soup.
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Question: My baby girl is 14 months old. She doesn't like to drink milk other than breast milk. she eats only fruits and vegetables sometimes.
Answer: Hello dear... Milk is a good source of energy,it contains lot of calcium,which is essential for baby's bone development, if your kid din like milk,you can give him as milkshake,kheer in the way he likes, this is the best way to incorporate milk in his diet Fruit smoothie Fruit smoothie ,you can add any seasonal fruit with honey and milk,serve ,kids will love it,it is a great stamina booster Dry fruits milkshake Dry fruits are loaded with lot of minerals and antioxidants, you can blend dry fruits with milk in a blender ,and serve. This shake contains lot of vitamins and minerals that needed for baby's growth Dry fruits powder You can add dryfruits powder to them n milk,they will love it If your kid likes museli or cornflakes,you can give them by mixing it with milk Almond milk Boil almond with milk and palm sugarfor ten mind and serve them with raisins. Thank you
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Question: My wife is in 2nd trimester. And she is in 14th weeks but she doesn't digest calcium and iron supplements. What are the other vegetables and fruit I can give to her.
Answer: Hey dear. Cheese, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, almonds are some of the Calcium rich foods that should be taken daily. Spinach, shellfish, quinoa are some iron foods that can be taken instead of the tablets. I hope this helps.
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Question: She doesn't like to eat liquid and solid
Answer: Baby is only 6 months so dont force feed baby just give 2-3 spoon in starting that's it. And feed once a day for few days and gradually increase the quantity.
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