40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Sharp period like pain in vaginal area. I was able to sleep though alnight but getting up or sitting for a while it gets unbearable. Is this symptoms of early labor?

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Answer: Hello dear this cud be pressure of the baby coming on to the vagina during to increased growth. If the pain continues at regular intervals it can be contractions, go to hospital prepared for delivery.
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Question: At 40th week m having sharp vaginal pain after check up dr for dilatation...but no labor or contractions..is it sign of Labor?
Answer: It's baby pressure on the vagina. Nothing to worry.
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Question: From the fifth month...I was suffering sharp pain in groin area... while getting up from bed
Answer: Always get up slowly with legs closed.and sit slowly with support.
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Question: Is it normal to have pain above vaginal area while sitting or lying for a long time?
Answer: yes dear, its normal. heavyness,pelvic bones pain and tightness is common during this stage. its bcz of yr baby is growing in height and weight also.that's why,pressure will increase on yr pelvic bones and yr vaginal part is paining. so take proper rest...
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Question: im experiencing thoda heaviness tightness n pain in my vaginal area while peeing, n sometimes while sitting n standing. im able to explain exactly but its just like while having heavy periods n there is heaviness or tightness in that area. im really getting worried also bcoz of tummy size im not able to see how the type of discharge is? im really scared
Answer: Talk to your doc. if yr discharge s not very liquid then u r okay on one part no water leakage. but color is important, try wiping with tissue n see the discharge colour. it should be white n not even dirty or pink or red.
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