18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 16dec sham ko maine apni nephew ko Utha liya..she is 20month old.. maine use 15min tk uthaya tha... usi din raat se mujhe back pain h aur lower abdomen me ruk ruk k pain hota h..but jb tk rest krti hu to aaram ho jata h..is anything serious???

2 Answers
Answer: Oh dear, it's not advisable to lift anything heavy during pregnancy as your muscles are already under lot of pressure, lifting anything heavy will cause more pressure on them. If resting brings relief in your pain then it's good, but I'd it continues do consult your doc. She ll do a internal checkup to make sure everything is fine with your baby.
Answer: is time par kuch bhi mat uthao placenta niche ane ka Dar hota hai