27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Shall i use sensodyne flouride toothpaste,anyone ans me pls?.

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Answer: You can keep on using your normal and usual toothpaste, just don't swallow it dear
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Question: Hello!! What are the safe home remedied for sensitive teeth? Is Sensodyne toothpaste safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes you can use sensodyne or any sensitivity paste but dont use it for more than a month as long term use of desensitizing paste is not recommended .
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Question: i am 20 weeks pregnant and from last week i am feeling sensitivit in my teeth. can i use sensodyne toothpaste or sensigel paste.
Answer: Hello Yes yu can use sensodyne tooth paste. Yes usually in pregnancy women get weak gums if there don't maintain oral hygiene. Yu can brush your teeth twice but delicately as yur gums may bleed, yu can also use mouth wash regularly. N also take yur calcium medication.
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Question: Can I use sensodyne toothpaste in pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear yes you can use it, it is good for sensitive teeth, and gums too 😬
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