3 months old baby

Question: Shall i give other foods than breast milk after 3 months mam??

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Answer: No dear. You need to wait for another 3 months and start semi solids only once your baby is 6 months old until then breastmilk is sufficient for the baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: For 6 month old baby.. Other than solid foods and BM shall I give powder milk r cows milk
Answer: Hello Along with breast milk and semi solid food yu can give baby formula milk. Cow milk should be given only after baby is one year old.not before that
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Question: What food can we start to give baby after 3 months other than breast milk?
Answer: Pls feed baby breast milk only until at least 6 months... Usually after 8 or 9 months slowly we strat with semi solids foods..like Dal ka pani or gangi...and pls avoid water till 8 months... Just one spoon after that... Babies shuld not be given water until one year... Consult doc if ur too concerned
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Question: Can I give anything else other than breast milk for 3 months old
Answer: Hi dear.. yes u can give formula milk.. but beast milk is the best option to give for your baby.. hope u vl understand.. happy motherhood
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