6 months old baby

Question: Shall i give mashed boiled beetroot to 7 months baby

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear,yes you can give but try wit a few spoons just 2-3 spoons to see if the baby us able to tolerate it . Then slowly you can increase the quantity Take care
Answer: yes you can
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Question: Can I give boiled n mashed pear to my 6 months old baby? Please suggest
Answer: Hi dear, consuming pear can cause loose motion in small babies. On regular basis you can give your baby steamed Apple puree and once in a while you can give pear puree as well. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can I give boiled mashed carrots to my baby
Answer: yes dear . you can give . but first start with a soft puree like food. Suru ke 6 month aapke baby ko sirf aur sirf mother feeding chahiye. Kam se Kam 1 saal tak cow milk is not advisable for kids. Formula milk is the good option till 1 year. Uske baad aap slowly solid food introduce kara sakti hain jaise: 1. Daal ka pani 2.coconut water 3. Dahi 4. Vegetables paste 5. Boiled and mashed fruits 6. Manna ragi for bonnie babies. Ragi is really very good for the kids. readymade cerelac is not very healthy for kids. you should give only when you are somewhere outside and only in case of emergency when you cant cook. in india nestle is a popular brand Hope this helps. :)
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Question: Can i give mashed boiled carrot for my 7 months baby
Answer: Hie Yes you can offer carrots to your babies Carrots are rich in vitamins and several vital nutrients The beta-carotene present in it is a source vitamin A that is essential for healthy retina.  Micronutrients such as flavonoids keep the heart and blood vessels healthy.  regular consumption of carrots increases the number of lymphocytes and platelets – blood cells that aid in regulating immunity
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