6 months old baby

Question: Shall i give egg yolk to my 7 month baby

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Answer: Yes you can try but only egg yolk puree not white part. If baby accept later you can mix it with any veg puree for different test
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Question: Kindly suggest can i give egg yolk n white both to my approx 7 month baby
Answer: Hii dear it's better to avoid egg for the frist 1 year if age as sometimes some doctor do advise to start it after 6 Months but few babies do get allergic to it. So to keep in safe hand it better to start the same after 1 year. Egg is a wonder food which provide all required neutrients to baby. 1 egg is always advisable .
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Question: Can I give egg yolk to my 9 month baby
Answer: Hi dear yes you can introduce egg yolk to your 9 month old baby but avoid giving your baby egg white as it's highly allergic in babies below 1 year of age Babu
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Question: Can i give egg yolk to my 7 month baby
Answer: Hello dear. It is the white of the egg that is allergenic and not the yolk. Many pediatricians say that introducing egg yolks are typically fine for the non-allergic baby around 8 months old. However please consult your pediatrician before offering any first food for thr baby, below the age of 1. Take care.
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