32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: shall i eat walnut everyday ??? Im in 8th mnth of pregnancy .. will it raise protein level ?

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Answer: Hi dear,if you dnt have any issue related to that,then you definitely can have walnuts daily..I used to tak almonds daily.but yes since it is heat for body,better to take in moderation... shouldn't be an issue.
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Question: I am 8th month pregnant women shall I eat pomegranates it will increase sugar level
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can consume pomegranate juice or fruit. However not suggested everyday. Consuming pomegranate fruit or juice may be beneficial during pregnancy, avoid taking pomegranate extract as it may contain the rind, which can bring on contractions and early labor. Pomegranate juice can be high in calories, so consume it only in moderation. You can also check with your gynecologist before consuming. Take care.
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Question: Im 15 week of pregnancy.. can i eat walnut
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have walnuts, it has Omega 3 fatty acids and proteins can help with eye and brain development, it controls blood cholesterol. You can place the nuts on a baking sheet in a single layer and bake on a medium heat for 10-12 minutes, the nuts turn golden and would take great. However please have in moderation. Take care.
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Question: Im n 8th month of pregnancy ? Shall i eat chips ?
Answer: Yes u can have but avoid eating chips containing china salt because it is harmful for baby. Takecare
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