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Question: shall i eat pizza while breastfeeding mother

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Answer: Better to avoid...If u can't already have wheat thin crust
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Question: Shall i eat pizza im a breastfeeding mother
Answer: YOu can have a small piece if you really feel like having one. But it would be wise to avoid such foods as it will contain additives when bought from stores. You can make homemade pizza made with whole wheat base and lots of vegetables. This one is safe for you and your baby who is breast feeding
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Question: shall i eat sweet while breastfeeding mother
Answer: You can eat sweet but that is only morning and afternoon only, after 6 don't eat baby Will get cold take care mam
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Question: Can I eat pizza while breastfeeding ???
Answer: Pizza while breastfeeding can be eaten but it can cause indigestion and gas in your baby due to the fact that it is made of maida and please avoid it as much as possible..
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Question: Can I eat paneer pizza while breastfeeding
Answer: But nursing or breastfeeding mothers are on a strict diet, since what you eat transforms into food for your baby. ... Here are some foods that you need to avoid.” Eating seafood while breastfeeding: Omega 3 fatty acids is the best nutrient for you and the baby as it improves the nervous system of the baby
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