6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Shall I eat millet during first trisemster of pregnancy

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Answer: Sure dear..Millets are high in fibre, calcium and iron content...so it is healthy for you during pregnancy dear...
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Question: Can I eat coconut during pregnancy?!
Answer: Yes you can have coconut or dry coconut during pregnancy. It stimulate milk production during pregnancy and after birth. It also helps with circulation, which is especially important when you're pregnant because your blood volume increases by 50 percent.
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Question: Can I eat suji during pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear you can eat suji during pregnancy but have it in moderate quantity
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Question: I can eat muskmelon during pregnancy??
Answer: Yes, muskmelon is a very safe fruit for pregnancy, if taken in moderation. The fruit is low on its calorie count and high in nutrients and fibre, making it a very safe and healthy snack option for expecting mother.
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