27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Shall i drink ice water ?? Is it safe

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Answer: Hello... No dear, it is better to avoid drinking ice water, it may catch cold, and drinking too cold water also causes stomach pain, so it is advisable to have normal water will be better
Answer: Hi.. Dear some females do crave for ice water during pregnancy, but it not right for your body. You should have water of moderate temperature Neither too cold nor too hot..
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    Kaviya Ramki3059 days ago

    Thank you so much dear...😍

Answer: Normally don't take ice water ..it's better to have normal water r boiled and cooled water...when u feel less movements u can try cool water ..
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Question: I am 19 week pregnant is it safe to eat ice cubes n drink chilled water?????
Answer: Of course you can eat ice cube and drink chilled water. But take care if you have cold and cough.
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Question: Can i drink ice water
Answer: Better to avoid, as it's rainy season..And also our immune system's efficiency is generally low during pregnancy. So u r more prone to catch cold. Hence better to avoid . Tc happy pregnancy
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Question: Can i drink ice water during pregnency?
Answer: Hii dear it is advisable to have normal water as ice can give u throat infection and the baby size can be big which can affect ur normal pregnancy status. So its better if I avoid ice cold but yes if it is summer den u can surely mix the water.
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