22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: sex during 23rd weak is safe or not..?

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Answer: hi, sex during second trimester is definitely safe considering that uses have no complications in your pregnancy and as long as you are comfortable
Answer: any time after 1st trimestet is safe unless you hurt your belly or but pressure on you pelvic area..
Answer: safe if u have healthy pregnancy.consult ur doctor once
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Question: Sex is safe or not during pregnancy
Answer: Unless your health care provider advises you otherwise, sex during pregnancy is safe for both you and your baby. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the womb, by your abdomen, and by themucus plug which seals your cervix and helps guard against infections.
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Question: I'M 23rd wks 5days pregnant. In this stage during the pregnancy sex is safe or not??
Answer: It is safe because no complications in ur pregnancy. Ur doctor not saying any bed rest and u are feeling comfortable , relaxing and Main thing is Don't pressure on ur stomach.
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Question: sex during 23rd weak is safe or not..?
Answer: depends... if it doesn't create any problem like bleeding and all... it's safe for u
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