35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Severe headache on the left side

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Answer: Hi dear Head ache causes due to lack of oxygen in you..drink water as much you can and relax yourself and take a bowl of warm water and keeo your foots in it as it helps to maintain oxygen supply in you and also relieves from stress.. And for loose motion take tender coconut and little amount of sweets..it ll control loose motion and dehydration
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Question: Severe pain in left leg..and having headache on the left side..any remedies for that?
Answer: Hi.. Dear for leg pain, dip your legs in the luke warm water with little salt added in it, before going to bed.. For couple of days.. In order to get relaxed and for getting relief from headache, try warm or cool compress.. If still your problem persists, ask your gynaecologist to recommend a mild pain relief medicine..
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Question: Getting severe headache from 3 days specially on left side
Answer: Hello dear... Headache is normal, happen due to harmonal changes and increase in volume of blood, also check your bp if it is normal,f ollow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have a nutrious diet with lot of fruits and veggies Drink 2-3 litre of water a day Don't get stressed, be relaxed Practice pranayama Have a good sleep
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Question: I have severe headache on left side from yesterday.i can't sleep overnight.pls tel the reason for that and solution
Answer: Hi check ur BP once as fluctuating BP is also one of the reason for headache if there is any change either low or high BP consult ur doc immediately
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