3 months old baby

Question: Semi solid foods can be started at the beginning of 6 months or at the end of six months

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Answer: If ur baby is showing interest in ur food...and if he has good cntrl over his head thn u can start solid food during 6th month running otherwise gv semi solid food aftr 6th months😊
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Question: What is the real time for starting semi solid food? Is it at the beginning of 6th month or end?
Answer: At the end of six month. Initially give watery consistency like dall water, rice water etc. And slowly increase the thickness to aemi solid.
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Question: Should we start with solids at the beginning of six months or after six months??
Answer: Hi You can start solid gradually for babies once baby completes 6 months so that babies digeation ll start to get matuare...till that do feed baby exclusively with mother milk..taoe care
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Question: when should i start to give solid food? i mean with the end of 6 months or at the starting of 6 months? or i can give her at the end of 5 months?
Answer: if she has doubled her weight u can start or else wait till she completes 6month
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Question: What should be the consistency of ragi porigde for 6 months old baby? Should be very runny or semi solid?
Answer: Hi dear, For 6months baby you're introducing solids means first start with fluids form. Later start with semi solid form. Because when introducing solids, fluids is best and easy to swallow by baby. In digestion also it helps. Take care Hope this will help you
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