32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Scan result 140 above heart rate means baby girl

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Answer: We can't exactly predict gender based on heart beat. My baby heart beat was more than 150 and I have not baby. You can try baking soda test to find gender. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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    Sharmi La1147 days ago

    How to make the baking soda test

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    Chonmi Hangsing1098 days ago

    Pls gv d idea of how to try with baking soda

Answer: Hi, There is no factor which can determine the gender of the baby. So there is no point discussing it. Just keep calm and let the little on come and reveal the suspense.
Answer: may be.. but if you have dull face means it's girl.. if you have glowing face means then its boy .. and also if your baby bump is round and big means it's boy
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    Roopa Raghu1147 days ago

    Its not correct...we cant identify d gender of baby with fareness..

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    Sharmi La1147 days ago

    Yeah!! There is no relation between our fairness and baby gender

Answer: Yeah! Ofcourse
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Question: Hy, I am 17 week pragnant with breech baby, baby's heart rate is 146, I have heard below 140 heart rate means a boy and above is boy, Does heart rate can show baby gender??
Answer: Hi Dear! Dont worry breech at 17 weeks might turn down but as far as the heart rate is concerned there is no medical evidence to support the fact of gender detection hence according to me please do not fall these speculations and myths, no such symptom has been proven till date, and even if it has happened with people is out of sheer coincidence and nothing else. Please do not stress on the gender because as parents gender should not matter to us. Good luck!
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Question: If baby heart rate is above 140 which baby i can expect ?
Answer: This gender prediction theory says that girls and boys have different heart rates in the womb - a baby with a heart beat under 140 beats a minute is a boy, and a baby with 140 or over beats a minute is a girl. An easy method to divine the sex of your baby, but one that sadly lacks any scientific evidence. In fact, a study has proven conclusively that there is no correlation between the gender of your baby and its heart rate.
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Question: Hii ,can u clear me this doubt..if heart rate above 140 means baby gal nd below 140 means baby boy..is it trur?
Answer: No sis its not.. There are many baby boys who's heart beat is higher than 160,and there are many baby girls who's hb is less than 140.. Finding gender through hb is a myth sis.. Don't believe it if u follow this there are more chances that u ll be disappointed.. Just wait until delivery.. U can see ur lil baby soon..
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