29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Isit safe to eat green grapes during third trimester

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Answer: Hello dear. It is better to avoid grapes during pregnancy. The main reason is the high amounts of chemicals that are present in grapes can toxify the expectent mother. Take care.
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Question: Is it safe to have green grapes during first trimester?
Answer: hello! grapes should be eaten in moderation during pregnancy. Though it has nutrients but it has a component called revertasol,which is not good, which is found more in the darker skin variety like the black or red ones.
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Question: Is grapes safe during third trimester
Answer: Hi dear, Though grapes are highly nutritious for the mother to be,but it is also believed that a chemical resveratrol, could increase the toxicity in body which could harm the baby.grapes contains high level of magnesium,folate and fructose and are very essential for the baby.i would suggest you to eat in moderation and wash it thoroughly before consuming.
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Question: its safe to eat green grapes in last trimester
Answer: you should avoid eating grapes in the last trimester because of its heat-producing property. Excessive consumption of grapes can be toxic due to its high levels of resveratrol (2). Also, do not over consume dry grapes (raisins)
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