Planning for pregnancy

Question: Rubella igg and igm both are negative can i plan for next pregnancy soon..

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes,there shouldn't be any can plan your pregnancy.
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Question: If rubella igg and cmv igg value is positive and rubella igm ,cmv igm is can it affect the baby?
Answer: Usually igg does not have any effect on the baby but still when u go for NT scan, pls inform your radiologist about TORCH reports. Radiologist will chk and confirm about any effect of TORCH on the baby. Additionally start taking Torchnil medicine for 3 months. it's an ayurvedic medicine
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Question: I have taken vaccination of rubella, after seven months i tested again... I got igm and igg positive and igg avidity high... So should i plan for pregnancy??
Answer: The presence of IgG merely indicates that you have had a previous measles/cytomegalovirus infection or are immunized against them.In case IgM is positive it could mean that the disease is active currently.In that case u need to wait for a few months before trying for pregnancy.
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Question: Does CMV igG positive but CMV igM negative and rubella igG positive and rubella igM negative effect pregnancy
Answer: It affected my pregnancy . I took anti rubella vaccination n 10 days tablets fir CMV. Pls check with your doctor.
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