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Question: Right breast pain vasthundi enduku..

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Question: Black pain vasthundi bega emi cheyali kocham cheppandi plzz
Answer: Chala rest avasaram e time lo, pregnant apudu back pain normal, meku baga osthundi antunavu, meru okasare Dr ki chepandi. Hot water pack medical store lo dorukuthadi pack lo water fill chesi back patukondi relief osthadi pain.
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Question: 7 months naku.back pain vasthundi
Answer: Hii for back pain best is to do yoga. Even I also go through back pain but the day I started yoga or exercise . it really helped me a lot. U can do partial curl, extension exercises,cat and camel, pelvis tilt,standing hamstring stretch, spinal stretch,child pose stretch, oblique stretch, knees to chest stretch. These are really affective. Also don't lift any heavy item. Eat well. Do hot and cold compress if pain extremely. I siencu hope it helps. all the best.
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Question: Pragancy confrm aindi.. right side pain vasthundi
Answer: Feb 20th ke my last date..march lo not ke how many weeks
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