28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Rh incability which month it require

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Answer: being RH negative is not a disease and it does not affect your health. But if RH of a pregnant woman is negative, it can affect pregnancy. If the female RH is negative and the child's father is RH positive then special care is required in pregnancy. If the female Rh + and the male Rh+, there is no problem. If the woman Rh - and the male Rh -, no problem. If the female Rh+ and the male Rh -, no problem. If the woman is Rh - and male is Rh+, then the child may be a child Rh+ or - and therefore the woman should have Rh immune globulin injections.
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Question: After 18 week ultrasound anomoly test, which test require and which month?
Answer: In the third trimester your will be offered a growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan between 28 and 32 weeks. You may also be offered colour doppler studies between 36 and 40 weeks. These scans will show your doctor how your baby is growing.
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Question: In which month of pregnancy RH blood test be done?
Answer: Your blood group is checked in starting of pregnancy because if you are of RH negative there might be some complication related to you and your baby but as mentioned yeah you are already 30 weeks pregnant it must have been done by now
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Question: My 8days baby have bilirubin 15...does it require phototherapy...and if yes then how many days it require ??
Answer: Hi, It will depend on the baby's weight as well and prematurity. If baby's weight is less than 3 or 3.5 kgs at the moment then phototherapy might be started to treat it
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