8 months old baby

Question: Resusable dyper is safe for babies or not?

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Answer: Yes its safe.i am using it for my baby sicne 1st month
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Question: Is gripe water safe for babies
Answer: No no dear dont give gripe water to yr baby its unsafe 4 babies .dear in gripe water has more than 3% alcohol, lots of processed sugar and soda bicarbonate.They usually go to sleep or stop crying because od of the effect of the alcohol which makes them dizzy.so give bf afrer 2 2 hours , after every feed take baby in lap untill baby gives burp ,massage to ur babies tummy in circular motion nd do leg cycling try it the thete ll be no need to give gripe water try it
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Question: Is gripe water is safe for babies
Answer: Not really dear, even present times doctor always say no for Gripe water because it weakens the digestive system and your baby's digestion will be dependent on it, if you will give Gripe water on daily basis. I never used it for my child.
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Question: Is walker good for babies or not?
Answer: Yes walker is best for babies
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