Few days old baby

Question: hiii ple reply my baby is 3 anh half month sufferini from loose motion from 2 eeks dr proscribed enterogemina and ziprax but. no use loss motion r slightly brown in color. is this due to the teething or what

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Answer: Kee feeding your baby .. take care of your diet. . Don't take much chillies in your diet.
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Question: Motions 3 times today, that too loose motion, is it due to teething, but till now no teeth sprouted
Answer: Hi.. Dear babies do not have a fully developed intestine, and hence they do not absorb food very well.Therefore, it is normal for infants to pass frequent and watery stool. However, give your baby BRAT diet (banana, rice, Apple sauce, toast) only, in his meals.. Additionally, apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day.. It will give your toddler some comfort..
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