2 months old baby

Question: Remedies for neck rash

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Answer: Hi dear it is very normal for babies to have the rashes in neck folds it is it happens due to the exact skin since there is no passing of air and the area is not getting dried in a that Rush please keep the area a little airy i mean make your child sleep in a way that the neck fold is not very much folded and it is getting some kind of an air so that the rashes can dry up please do not use any ointment or any powder it is self healing it will go away on its own.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Home remedies for heat rash on baby body and neck area
Answer: If your baby is feeling hot and uncomfortable, chances are he got rashes. So it becomes important to take steps to cool him down before doing anything else.  Turn up the fan, cooler or AC settings. If there isn't any electricity then take off layers of clothing.Your baby may be more comfortable in just a vest (ganji) and a nappy, preferably a cloth nappy, during the day. Don't let your baby stay in direct sunlight or warm enclosed areas like a hot car. If your baby wants to play outside in a shaded area, make sure that the hot loo winds are not blowing. They can cause dehydration and heat stroke. Keep your baby in a cool, breezy and shaded area. Give him a bath in lukewarm water or let him splash around in an inflatable pool inside the house. You can use a clean damp cloth to wipe your baby to instantly cool him. Make sure he drinks plenty of fluids  Drinking fluids regularly can help to prevent overheating, dehydration and heat stroke. It may also improve your baby's appetitte.Ihe's older, you can also give him water and offer other nutritional drinks.  Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and can help prevent dehydration, especially if your baby has diarrhoea. Many parents find milkshakes, buttermilk or chhaach, lassi or smoothies are great for fussy or irritable babies. Use full fat milk or dahi and your baby's favourite fruits like bananas. Some mothers add crushed almonds to improve nutritional value. Lemonade, sherbet and homemade fresh fruit juices are healthy and refreshing on a hot and sunny day. Change the menu  Because of the heat your baby may find regular meals heavy and uncomfortable. Consider feeding him wholesome foods that are light on his tummy.  Khichdi, curd rice, lemon rice and poha are ideal meals for hot days. Take a look at these cereal recipes. Custards with fresh fruits and jelly, puddings, kulfi, rabri, cold kheer and soufflés can all be healthy and tasty alternatives if made with moderate amounts of sugar. You can occasionally treat him to ice-cream or sorbet, especially on an extremely hot day. If, in spite of your efforts, you don't see any improvement in your baby's appetite, then you may need to consult your doctor. Your baby may have a stomach bug or is not eating because of some other condition.        
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Question: Can i use diaper rash cream for baby's neck rash?
Answer: No. Use other baby cream like Johnson baby cream. Don't apply any oils.
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Question: remedies for diaper rash
Answer: Hi dear, rashes in those cute little bump can be discomforting for baby. U can follow some home remedies to treat diaper rashes like first of all warm that area with plain water only or dip cotton ball and wash then let that dry become dry, apply coconut oil or desi ghee and wear him/her diaper. Always change ur babies diaper after 2 hours also it's very important to give ur baby diaper free time at home during day time. Avoid using wipes on that area as they contain alcohol which can irritate their skin. There many other diaper rash cream available in the market u can go for the one which contain zinc oxide as its really very helpful treat diaper rash. Take care of the munchie.
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