14 months old baby

Question: Remedies for congestion in chest for 14 months old baby??

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Answer: Hello, Dear here are few tips that can help baby to cure cough; 1. Garlic is very powerful medicine with anti-bacterial properties. Ajwain (carom seeds) also kills virus & bacterias. Roast 2–3 big cloves of garlic & few pinches of Ajwain on tawa for just one minute. You will be able to smell powerful fumes. Let the mixture cool down and keep near your child. The smell of mixture will heal the cold & cough of your child. You can also bind the mixture in pouch for better handling. 2. Light massage of mustard oil or coconut oil will help your baby to get relief from cough. Do massage on chest & back of your baby. 3.Warm up coconut oil and add tulsi leaves. Tulsi will leave its healing properties in the coconut oil. You can also add a pinch of camphor. Mix well to dissolve camphor into coconut oil. Massage the oil on chest of your baby before sleep. You can also do hair massage with same oil. It will give relief from cold and cough. 4.Steam is the first thing you should try in case of cold & cough. Inhaling steam helps to clear baby’s blocked nose and open blocked airways. It helps your baby to sleep better and speed up recovery from cold , cough & congestion. You can use room humidifier or steamer to keep room air moist. Avoid to keep your baby close to hot & steamy water. 5.Dry roast 2–3 garlic cloves & one tablespoon of ajwain on dry tawa or pan. Once its roasted, switch off the flame. Make a potli out of it. You can place potli around baby’s bedding or in his cradle during sleep time. The garlicky ajwain smoke helps to get relief from blocked nose & chest congestion. 6.Make a turmeric paste by mixing half teaspoon of turmeric powder with 1 tablespoon of water. Heat it up on flame & apply the warm turmeric paste on baby’s chest, neck, feet. As turmeric has antibacterial properties, it helps to get relief from phlegm, congestion & cough.
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Question: Remedies for chest congestion in 4month baby
Answer: During bath keep hot water in enclosed area n sit with your baby for a while.. the steam ll help in decongestion... Apply vicks to babys clothes or to urs n be near the baby so it can inhale the vaporub. Donot apply Vicks directky on the baby.... You can have garlic milk if you are breastfeeding
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Question: Home remedies for nasal and chest congestion for 3 months old baby
Answer: Hello dear. I am sharing some remedies which has always worked for my daughter. For cold...put some garlic cloves in a thread and make the child wear it like a neckpiece the garlic cloves should touch the chest it will help control the running nose,chest cogestion. Also u can make an oil to massage at night. Take mustard oil and put methi dana,ajvain,garlic and neem leaves. Heat the oil till all dese ingredients are golden brown. Let it cool and strain the oil. Heat the oil when u use it. U can massage the chest ,back and feet with this oil before the child sleeps. Make sure to make the child wear socks after u massage with this oil it will double the effect. Hope this all helps 😊
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Question: Home remedies for chest congestion in babies
Answer: Hi For chest conjestion take 2 spoon coconut oil and heat it low flame add 1 camphor powdered and take a betal leaf and dip it in that oil and keep on babies cheast..and repeat same for.back chest too...it helps baby to relief from nasal conjustion and cold abd helps to sleep peacefully as its a natural vapourizer
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Question: Can i have home remedies for chest congestion for 3 months old baby
Answer: hello dear, yes you can apply home remedies fir chest congestion to your 3 months old baby but remember not oraly only externally.
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