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Question: Remedies for acidity during 1 St trimester

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy acidity is a very common problem in pregnancy due to hormonal changes drink lot of water eat in small portions avoid food that is spicy or hard to digest avoid late night eating soak jeera in water overnight and drink that water on empty stomach slowly acidity goes away take care
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Question: Can i take ranidom-0 suspension for acidity during pregnancy?
Answer: Hey dear if ur dr suggest u tgis suspension syre u can take it otherwise ask to ur dr nd take that anta acid which ur dr suggest u. My dr advised me to take digene so ask to ur dr first .
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Question: Acidity during 24th week of pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy i also have same acidity heart burn issue .even i cannot breath properly .my sister advised to Say no to fatty, spicy, and deep-fried food,take Eat dinner early.mixing water and baking soda and drinking a glassful gives instant relief .Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar with approximately 250 millilitres of water; sip on the same throughout the day and an hour before meals.Eat 1 grapefruit after each meal. Nd add buttermilk nd curd in diet I get relief u can try it also ..
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Question: What home remedies for loose motion during pregnancy???????
Answer: Hi, loose motions could be due to hormonal changes or bowel infection.it is considered as three or more loose , watery bowel movements in a day called diarrhea .drink plenty of fluids like better milk, coconut water, juices.take banana which is best food to eat while suffering from loose motions.take dairy products.avoid out side foods and spicy and oily foods.better to have bland diet.better to take probiotic bifilac sachet and tablets.take care
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