2 months old baby

Question: recently i saw one boil on my babys shoulder..it may be heat boil is that normal...it has no pus no flaking..

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Answer: dear this may be the BCG vaccination which is given on the shoulder and it is normal nothing needs to be done this will become normal by itself
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    sushmitha501 days ago

    tnq so much for your reply but vaccination was given on right hand and boil is on left

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Question: My baby has some rough area on scalp which is now flaking off.wat is it. Does it need treatment
Answer: hi mam no this is a don't need to be treated you could Apply oil on your baby's head and massage it in their use shampoo mild shampoo to bath baby this is cradle cap adult used to get a dandruff the same newborn baby sister baby like that can be cured by washing twice in a week with mild shampoo you can apply coconut oil or olive oil this helps to get get a soon and brush your baby's hair with mild
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Question: My babys birth vaccacine spot has pus formed in it. Is it normal or should i consult doctor?
Answer: Hi dear, Most babies don't have any other reaction. Some babies have some swelling, redness or a small hard lump where injection was given and it may be sore to touch. This usually only lasts two to three days and doesn't need any treatment. Some children may develop small red papules or ulcers at the sites of injection 2-4 weeks after vaccination. In general, all these will gradually subside and heal in a few weeks, leaving a small scar behind or no scar at all. You do not need to worry if there is pus or ulceration at the site of injection.
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Question: My baby is 1 month 6 days old he had got heat boil on his shoulder how can it be cured ?
Answer: Hello dear. Baby getting heat boils could be due to some allergy. I would recommend you consulting the doctor as your baby is very small. You can also start using neem leaves boiled water for bathing the babu as it helps in getting relief in any kind of skin allergy. Hope it helps.
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