27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Recently feeling heaviness and tightness in lower abdomen sometimes.is this normal ?

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Answer: Hi this is because if round ligament pain which is natrual ,don't worry. It is because as the baby is growing and the uterus us expanding you will feel this stretching pain and discomfort so it is natrual and nothing to worry. You should not bend You should try and keep your posture erect and keep your legs straight in the bed .this posture will give you some relief .
Answer: Hello! This is normal. If it lasts for too long then consult the doctor or else nothing to worry. This happens mainly due to the movements of the baby. Hence, don't worry. Take care
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Question: Today I feel tightness n heaviness in lower abdomen why
Answer: Hi,Dear The stretching of ligaments is responsible for abdominal tightening and pain. As ur baby grows and demands more space, the uterus stretches itself pushing the other organs. That's why, the stomach becomes hard and tight with each passing day, and you could feel uncomfortable with your stomach being tight. Round ligament pain is fairly common during this phase of pregnancy.all the best.
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Question: Feeling pressure and heaviness in lower abdomen?
Answer: hi dear don't worry this happens during pregnancy this is because of a baby's growth and I even gastric problem can also cause this issue you can take a cup of water with the thing or even jeera water with the thing which helps to feel better do little walking for at least 20 minutes before bed
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Question: Feeling tightness in lower abdomen before food and after food
Answer: Hi dear, it's normal actually it's due to weak digestion or gas. So dont worry just have meal in small proportion but frequently and have water 15 minutes after meal that will give you some relief.
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