2 years old baby

Question: Reason for repetitive mouth ulcers in 2 year baby

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Answer: Hy dear ,it could be due to excess heat in body..please give plenty of fluid..also observe if baby going motion daily..if stomach is not clear then also baby could have blister in mouth..this used to happen to my baby too..I also used to apply little honey to sooth it.
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    Amita Gupta189 days ago


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Question: Hello Dr How to cure 3 year old baby mouth ulcers? She doesn't eat anything due to mouth ulcers
Answer: Hello Dear mouth ulcers are most painful thing baby gets irritated n due to pain can have fever too there need to b treated properly. *If yur baby can gargle get antiseptic gargle n make her gargle properly. *Yu can apply honey in ulcers three to four times daily *Give her plenty of fluid like coconut water, buttermilk, barley water, ors, milk. *Give her soft n subtle diet like moong dal khichdi with veggies, oats, curd rice, mashed bananas, mashed apple *Yu can use ulcer gel like mucopan or dentogel it will reduce the pain in ulcer. *Meet yur pediatrician he will check n if any antibiotics gel or syrup necessary he will prescribe. Please don't self medicate the baby Take care
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Question: My baby has got ulcers in his mouth what is the reason
Answer: Hello dear,I feel it could be due to body heat..can also be due to some food allergy at times..my baby used to often get such ulcer kinda thing in mouth due to body heat...increase t water consumption and also make her sip some buttermilk to cool down the system..hope it helps😊
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Question: Home remedies for mouth ulcers for 2 year old baby
Answer: Apply milk cream on it. Or if u have home made ghee then it is also helpful.
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