17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Raw egg safe for pregnancy or not

3 Answers
Answer: No....it is not safe...bcoz it can contain any infectious thing....even partially cooked egg is not advisable...so kindly avoid raw eggs. You can cook it fully and have in many ways!!
Answer: Eating anything raw is not considered safe as it may cause infections.
Answer: Not safe
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Question: During pregnancy raw mango safe or not? In 9month
Answer: Hello dear Yes, mangoes are good in pregnancy as mangoes are rich in vitamin A but remember that mangoes are not safe for the women having gestational diabetes. So have mangoes in moderation after consulting ur doctor.
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Question: Raw egg is not preferred in pregnancy. My doubt is if the raw egg is mixed with hot milk then is it safe to take?
Answer: hi dear no raw egg in any form is not safe in pregnancy When You Mix raw egg in hot milk then also it doesn't gets cooked properly and it can harm your baby so best ways to avoid having raw egg at all.
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Question: Raw sprouts is safe for pregnancy
Answer: Only if they're thoroughly cooked, as in a stir-fry or casserole. According to the Food and Drug Administration, it's not safe for pregnant women to eat raw sprouts. 
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