22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Rather than sleeping sides its comfortable to me to sleep on back because i feel like pressing my belly on sides.Is it ok

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Answer: After 28 weeks it is advisable to sleep only side ways becoz the pressure of the uterus on major vessels cause reduced blood flow to the baby and may cause growth and other problems.
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Question: I feel comfortable on sleeping on right side rather than left side. Is it ok?
Answer: U can but most probably suggest u to sleep left side only....becoz blood circulation flow for Ur baby ll b good if u sleep in left side Hope dis helps u
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Question: I feel comfortable to sleep in my back. is it safe? always sleeping on sides is nor comfortable for me
Answer: Sleeping on left is the most recommended position during pregnancy. Avoid sleeping on your back.
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant and I have severe back pain.I feel more comfortable while sleeping on my back than sleeping on sides, however I have heard its not good to sleep on back.What shall I do. Please advice
Answer: It was the same with me also but then eventually I got used to sleeping on sides. Try applying gels like volini or something on your back while sleeping. This helped me might as well help u. Sleeping on back reduced the oxygen supply to baby so try to sleep on sides preferably on the left which increases the blood flow and oxygen to the baby. U can even put cushions on the both the sides to make your sleeping comfortable
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