30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: rashes in groin area.. very itching and painful.... wat to do? tried coconut oil, but not working.

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Answer: Hi dear, this rash and itching in groin area can be due to fungal infection, due to excessive sweating. Keep the area clean and dry all the time. It should not be wet. Wear loose, soft and thin cotton clothes. Take bath twice if you get excessive sweating. You can use clotrimazole dusting powder or cream 2 or 3 times. It is safe to use. If you still have doubt consult your doctor. Tc
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Question: my vagina itches so badly. I tried washing with v wash den tried appling coconut oil too but itching has not stopped wat to do
Answer: Just consult with ur doctor.... Maximum time v wash suit nhi krta kisi kisi ko. . usse or jyada problem hogi... Try to avoid... Bs ap dettol ka adha dhakkan ek mug gungune pani me dalo or cotton se vaginal area ko dho lo... Din me jitni bar bathroom jate ho tb tb kro... Will effect greatly .. i can understand because I was in same condition
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Question: Any harm in apply coconut oil in itching area
Answer: Hi dear, In my opinion this won't curb itchiness dear. Keep the area clean and dry , wash it with mild soap or lactacyd . Change inner wear regularly or use panty liners changing them at regular intervals to maintain hygiene.
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Question: My skin around the nipple has become very dry kind of rashes on it its very itching...I tried applying oil and moisturiser ntg working wat should I do?
Answer: Take bio oil and avoid to iching because it can cause strech marks
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Question: I am having severe itching in hands and legs.I tried coconut oil.It is not working.
Answer: If it does not decrease after applying coconut oil,it is probably not due to dry skin but could be due to pregnancy cholestasis(very common in pregnant women)It is a disorder where bile flow is disturbed due to increased pregnancy hormones.You should visit your doctor soon and go for a liver function test to confirm it.In case of fluctuation in SGOT and SGPT,you need to report it to the doctor.If it is positive,you will need to take medications like ursodeoxycholic acid to treat it!
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