2 months old baby

Question: Puss is coming not of bcg injection we need to remove it

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Answer: helloo. dear you can also ask the question in hindi, telugu, kannada, marathi... the way you are comfortable... but in your question it was not clear that was the pus is coming from bcg vaccinated area or from other area.. plaese dear be claer with your query
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Question: My kid is 138 days old, on her left shoulder BCG injection was given, starday it opened nd puss came out, what for, shld i go to dr
Answer: Hi. No dear its nothing to be worried about. This is how bcg vaccine works. Just make sure the area isnt open and doesnt gets infected. Clean it properly and cover it. Good luck.
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Question: Pus is coming out of bcg injection n blood my mom apply betadin cream any problem
Answer: it is fine...antiseptic used to prevent or treat infection in minor wounds. It is effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, molds and yeast.
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Question: My baby was given BCG vaccination 2 months ago, now puss started coming after bath. Is it normal?
Answer: it happens in BCG vaccine. Puss came fr my baby also. it leaves mark on arm
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