8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: progesterone sustained release tablets 300 mg,is this medicine is valuable in 8 week of pregnancy?

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Answer: hi dear! so progesterone is given when a pregnant women experience spotting or bleeding. progesterone when gets low in the body that is when such spotting is seen dear. so therefore externally progesterone is given. progesterone helps to maintain the pregnancy dear. and prevents from miscarriages to take place. so yes it is valuable to take progesterone as the initial pregnancy period is very important and anything can happen during this time once the pregnancy reaches 20 weeks the problems do no arrive generally. so we have to take care initially dear. take care!
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Question: Why doctor prescribed me progesterone sustained release tablets 300 mg ?
Answer: So as to maintain the pregnancy for the first trimester. Don't worry I'm also taking this tablet. It's completely safe.
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Question: Why doctor prescribed me progesterone sustained release tablets 300 mg?
Answer: Hi dear waterfall congratulations for the pregnancy and susten 300 mg is a progesterone supplement which is very important during pregnancy especially for the first time Mr because it helps in preventing miscarriages and helps in making the pregnancy viable check your doctor has prescribed you susten 300 you can without any doubt consume it there won't be any side effect .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm 23 week pregnant can i use progesterone sustained release tablets 300
Answer: Hllo dear u r 23 weeks pregnant . Dear if ur gyno suggest u u can take this medicine .otherwise u should first consult to ur gyno nd then take any medicine because ur gyno knows ur pregnancy condition very well so dear follow her instruction .
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Question: Progesterone sustained release tablets, why this tablets?
Answer: These are pregnancy supporting medicine.
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