27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Previous month my HB was 8.6 after that i started to eat iron rich foods......i want dis week for 7th month check nd my HB level 8.8.....it nt increased that much .......wht is the reason to nt increase my HB leavel nd wht I have to do for that.....nw am 26 week pregnant

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Answer: Dr eat pomegrant daily in empty stomach...nd also hv beetroot tomato carrat juice daily...it will definitely help u to incrs the hb level.
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Question: I am in 6 week now. what are the iron rich foods for this time? last month HB was low ..
Answer: beetroot, carrot, spinach,tomato,dates, pomegranate, kiwi, jaggery.. they are rich source of iron and Will help in increasing hb level.
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Question: hii my hb 8.6. i m 32 week pregnant. i hv tkn iron sucrose 3 injection in 7th month though my hb not increased. please tell me what is reason behind it. is it complicate my delivery?
Answer: You can follow this time-table to increase HB: 1. Start a day with 1 apple. 2. Have a regular breakfast you wish for. 3. Around 11 am have a glass of pomegranate juice and kiwi fruit 4. Have your lunch, in salads have 1 beetroot chopped. 5. In evening, finely chopped 2-3 beetroot, 3-4 chopped carrots, nicely washed and chopped spinach. Put them in a cooker add little water and salt to taste. Cook for 2-3 whistles. Filter the maximum juice out of it by squeezing the content. You will left with a big glass of juice and drink. 6. Left over content from step 5 can be used to make vegetable for dinner.
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Question: Tell me iron rich foods that i can give to my 6 months old baby???
Answer: 1. Breastmilk 2. Egg 3. Green vegetables puri 4. Chicken n mutton Sup 5. Baby cerelac with added iron Hope this answer will help you
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