33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pressure on pubic bone and pelvic pain radiates to legs. I m 33 weeks pregnant..anything to worry..??

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Answer: hi dear pelvic pain or discomfort is common during pregnancy. After all, ligaments are stretching, hormone levels are changing, and organs are shifting around to make room for your growing uterus. Please avoid painful activities. Limit activities that cause discomfort, such as heavy lifting and carrying, standing or walking for long periods.Take frequent breaks.Exercise gently.Practice good posture.Apply ice or heat. If problem persists please consult ur gyno for once.
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Question: hello.. m facing pelvic pain pubic bone n leg pain.. what should i do????
Answer: You might be nearing your delivery tym.. it also happens when babies exert pressure on the uterus.. take care of yourself.. don't bend much..avoid indian toilet.. if the pain is serious..consult your gynae..
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Question: I feel sudden and pointed pain on my pubic area. Anything to worry?
Answer: The baby is starting to drop and your pelvis is steching and getting ready to deliver. Also your baby is gaining most of its weight now and as you know your stomach is getting tighter. Try not to sit with your legs closed all the way( sit like the guys) that will take some pressure off and at night sleep with a few pillows between your legs. Keep walking just try not to put alot of added pressure on them.
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Question: i m 33 weeks pregnant nd i have pain in pubic bone while turning on bed , when i get up from bed ..kindly tell any remedy for it
Answer: you can do pubic massage and can sit on hot tub for relief. avoid sudden body movements. sit on bed and chair for wearing clothes. hold the sides of bed to get up, it's happens because your body is preparing for the delivery that's it.
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Question: Am 33 weeks pregnant , I have pelvic bone pain can I know the reason and remedy for it
Answer: Hi congrats, As your uterus is expanding and stretching in lengthen for your little baby growing inside and lots of hormone and organ changes there is lots of pressure on the vagina and pelvic and u can feel cramping tightening sharp pain in your body as well, do some exercise regularly slowly, eat healthy, drink water, walk sleep on your left side keep pillow take medication relax and keep calm ... consult your doc if necessary... Take care 👍
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