12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Pregnant women can eat lays chips?

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Answer: Kindly plz avoid like this packed chips items nd cool drinks. Its not good for u nd also ur baby. Instead of these junk foods take healthy food in ur diet.
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Question: Can i eat lays chips?
Answer: Hi dear, eating chips occasionally is absolutely safe and fine but dont eat in high amounts or regularly because its not good and healthy for you..
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Question: Can i eat chips like lays kurles ?
Answer: Not good for health. You can take boiled vegetable and fruits.
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Question: Hi can i eat lays chips ...
Answer: Hello Yes dear once a while you can eat Lays this absolutely no problem but in regular use you should avoid as it is a fried thing and may cause acidity bolting and increase your weight unnecessary you can hav healthy snacks like fruits veggies smoothies buttermilk roasted munchies. take care
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