13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 12weeks pregnant, today small bleeding, usg reports fine, Dr told rest, I m very tensed, what to do

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Answer: Firstly you should not be tensed small bleeding heal up keep happy yourself
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Question: I am feeling low movement of baby.. Getting tensed, Please suggest me what to do?
Answer: During few weeks of pregnancy baby is fully grown so getting less space to move inside womb so u will notice less and light movement..don't worry.. just walk 39-40 min daily ..if u r still worried go on for check up.
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Question: Hi I am not able to pass my stools it's paining there and even bleeding from today what to do.
Answer: Dear you should take more fibre rich diet like oats dalia suji sabudana. Drink more warm water this will ease down constipation . Your doctor also giving you stomach relexer . Take juice shake
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Question: M fine 5 months pregnant mother n my nipples got very hard n felt pain what' should I do
Answer: It's normalDuring this time.. apply pure coconut oil and massage gently
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