38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: mera37weeks pregnant hu mera low lying placenta grade 2bata rha h to normal delivery k chance h ya nahi

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Answer: Hello Low lying placenta decreases the cervical length so the haemorrhage chances increase with the normal delivery so the baby can be in risk. Usually a c section Is done to get the baby safe and healthy.
Answer: Hii low lying placwnta me normal deliverable chances Bohat kam hote hai. But still stay in touch with doctor and if they feels they will surely advice for the same accordingly. Eat well and stay happy.
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Question: I have low lying placenta to is case m normal delivery k chances h ya ni?
Answer: Hi dear,low lying placenta is not uncommon – and not often a problem.After conception, your baby’s placenta will implant itself somewhere in your uterus, in no specific position.Actually This means the placenta has implanted low down in your uterus, close to your cervix.. There is absolutely no need to worry you can continue your normal daily activities, unless you have been advised otherwise. Restrictions – such as no sex, or lifting things . Don’t worry; there’s a very high chance that a low lying placenta will no longer be a problem when you have your third trimester scan. take care.
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Question: I have low lying placenta with grade 4 .Is there any chance of normal delivery?
Answer: Hello, Sometimes when women have a minor grade placenta praevia grade 1 or 2 it is possible to have a vaginal birth. Grades 3 and 4 placenta praevia need a caesarean. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hlw mam.. M 34week pregnant with low lying marginal placenta... Kitne week k bad Delivery hone ki chance h?
Answer: mostly delivery happen after 37 week of pregnancy if everything is normal take care
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