12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 11weeks pregnant can i drink have mixed fruit juice

2 Answers
Answer: Yes, you can but plz avoid pineapple. Means mix fruit juice but without pineapple
Answer: U can drink bt avoid grapes nd papaya
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Question: Hi can i have real mixed fruit juice or not ?
Answer: Hello! Please avoid packaged fruit juices. It is high in sugar and has preservatives which is not good. Better go for the home made freshly juice or have whole fruit as along with the nutrients you also get the fibre.
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Question: I am 11weeks pregnent can i drink sugarcane juice
Answer: Yes dear U can drink sugarcane juice in pregnancy. It is safe to drink but have in moderation if u have gestational diabetes because it contains a lots of sugar.
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Question: I drink mixed fruit juice ther is in papaya also anything will happen please tell me
Answer: My doctor said that we should not take raw papaya. Otherwise papaya is good.
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Question: Mam can i have tropicana mixed fruit juice
Answer: Dear.. better you drink home made juice because packed juice contains preservatives. It is harmful to your baby.
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