hello dear if you are not having any kind of complication then don't even think to deliver your baby in 32 week of pregnancy as your baby is not fully matured now, his lungs still need to be mature to breathe properly after birth if you will deliver your baby in 32 weeks your baby will have breathing problem after birth and will need to keep in NICU .
hello dear don't worry this is the common problem every women face after delivery and this will reduce as days passes after 6 month you can see changes on your tummy size but you should follow the proper diet and do regular exercise after 6 months.avoid eating oily, junk food and fast food items from now on. from third month onwards you can try doing walking and also try drinking warm water after every food which helps to burn the fat inside the stomach.
Hi , yes it's normal. It is possibly your mucus plug which started releasing and you can expect your delivery within one week. Take care and all the best for your delivery. Hope it helps.
Hi dear. Sometimes, deos cause itching and irritation. Waxing may also cause itching. Always get waxed at a good salon. Always use a lotion after waxing. Use antiseptic soap for your underarms and always keep them dry. You can use sensitive skin oil if your skin is sensitive. This will help you get rid of itching.
Hi, At this moment having a healthy child at full term should be the major concern,low lying placenta can lead to bleeding and even pre term delivery.So it is best to follow your doctors advice. Take care All the best