HI DEAR 'Color Doppler scan' is used to check the flow of your baby's blood. Its similar to the other scans but It is done in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Yes it needs to be done to ensure if the baby is recieving all necessary things form you or not. You can ask the doctor if you have doubts about it. I guess its required for you if the dr. has suggested for it.
Hello dear!! He would firstly do your Glucose Tolerance Test (GCT) to know your hba1 c levels. You may have gestational diabetes. If your hba1c is not normal, then it may cause birth defects such as macrosomia or hypoglycemic. In this the child's head gets bigger. To reduce this, you will have to control your diet a lot. If hba 1c is more then you should start medication. Sugar does not take much time to grow. Take a 30-minute walk everyday. Totally stop having sugary and high in carbs your food. Don't stress yourself and get it tested on a priority
How many times has it bleeded so far? When the heart starts beat fastly then it pumps blood fastly (increased cardiac output) due to which some vessels burst. Whenever it happens, look at the bottom, close the nose with both fingers and apply ice cubes. This will help you and also take proper rest.
Hello dear! You have hypothyroidism and you have to control it. You should try to avoid goitrogens like food such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc. You will also have to start medication for this. Please contact your doctor if you arenot able to control your Hypothyroidism, because if it is not controlled it will affect the child's physical and mental development.
Congratulation to the new-new Mom😀😀
Check for you sugar level if it is normal then no worries.
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Consult with your gynecologist
No dear this is not so. But if you have some problem related to heart disease than you should take doctor consultation .